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Peggy Gruenke

CPN Legal

Ms. Gruenke is co-founder of CPN Legal and has over 15 years’ experience in the legal industry. Her career, prior to working with lawyers, was as an IT consultant for small businesses. Ms. Gruenke is a national speaker on legal technology, law firm operations and online marketing.


Ms. Gruenke is a frequent speaker with legal organizations across the country.  She has given presentations for the following organizations/conferences: 2014 ABA Legal Tech Show, 2015 ABA Legal Tech Show, 2014 Washington State Bar Association, Indiana State Bar Association 2015 Solo Small Firm Conference, Butler County Bar Association and numerous past presentations at the Cincinnati Bar Association. 


Ms. Grueke has the following Certifications: Clio Gold Certified Consultant, Abacus Law and Abacus Accounting, Rocket Matter Certified Expert, and MetaJure Certified Consultant.  Ms. Grunke’s educational background includes a BS in Computer Science and a BA in History.  She completed both degrees at Xavier University.